It aired a long time ago but it’s hard to forget Series 2 of the BBC’s adaptation of Sherlock. It was a great New Years Day for UK audiences as they got to enjoy the beginning of 2012 with a brand new batch of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman solving crimes with incredibly chemistry in the reimagining of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic deducer and his doctor and, uh, blogger companion. For those of us stateside, well, the four full months waiting for PBS’s Masterpiece Mystery! to air the second season of the modern day Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson stories was pure agony. Why? Because, like so many, we had seen the first season of the British series and couldn’t wait to see more of Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ had in store for the characters. Oh, and how they were going to resolve that bloody cliffhanger with Andrew Scott’s memorable Moriarty.

All we were hoping for heading into Series 2 was something that came even close to the brilliance that came before it and the cast and crew behind Sherlock didn’t disappoint. Structured the same as the first season - three 90 minute installments, basically movies - the second oddly suffered from the same bit of second episode-itis (sorry, “Banker” and “Baskerville”) but the first and the last were so damn good that they had to be included. “A Scandal in Belgravia,” featuring Lara Pulver as Irene Adler, would probably rank highly among the films of the year if Paul McGuigan’s ‘Sherlocked’ adventure played on the big-screen. The third installment, “The Reichenbach Fall,” wasn’t just great immaculately plotted television but the way that the creators also kept mum on whether or not the series would continue (not to mention that it was based on “The Final Problem,” hint, hint...) raised the stakes and made it even more suspenseful.

Despite a fantastic starting premise, USA’s Suits got off to a tough start when the series first aired two years ago, becoming a show that landed somewhere in the middle of the pack of new and returning shows. However, in Season 2, Suits returned strong, and boldly began answering the question, “What might happen should Mike’s (Patrick J. Adams) secret be found out?” While Season 2 of Suits plays out with an ensemble cast of characters, Mike’s eidetic memory and his secret life as a lawyer who hasn’t passed the bar often takes on some Dexter-like complications, but with more quick wit and whole lot less blood. Letting partner Jessica in on preserving Mike’s secret added a nice balance to the plot.

Speaking of complicated, Season 2 tried to branch out a little further from it’s initial run, creating new cases and extra plotlines that spanned over multiple episodes, thus rewarding all the eager fans who tuned in each week. New characters were capably introduced and also gave the cast an added edge in terms of featuring a sort-of “villain” in the office. In short, there were a lot of great additions to the show that amped up it’s game and made the series a major player in 2012. With a likeable cast and a continually revolving format, Suits has become a stronger player in the TV realm,and viewers should expect more great moments from the program when 2013 rolls around.

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