1. Veep
Considering the immensity of cable and network drama this year, it would’ve been very easy to overlook the comedic side of television. But in the wake of 30 Rock’s departure was the second season of HBO’s Veep — and holy shit was it a firecracker. Armando Iannucci’s look into Vice Presidential politics upped its ante going into the second season — with nary a potshot not taken. Cutting, brilliant, and tears-in-your-eyes humor shot forth with every bumbling mood and outrageous insult.

And Julia Louis-Dreyfus is at her comedic best. As the uptight-but-audacious Selina Meyer, the oft-shut-out punching bag of her president’s administration, she gives powerless egoists a bad (and therefore good) name, eviscerating her employees (and Jonah) with vicious tenacity to hilarious effect. She is constantly taking her emotions out on the wrong people in order to save political face, and the supporting cast really takes it. Surrounded by Tony Hale, Matt Walsh, and Sufe Bradshaw (as well as Anna Chlumsky, Timothy Simons, and Reid Scott), the show takes on a moving circus feel — wholly appropriate given the current political climate — that never dawdles too long, to the show’s benefit. No show made me happier this season, and for that reason Veep had to be made the number one best show of 2013.

This was a hard list to make, and it should be noted there were plenty of excellent series that just barely missed the top five. Those include Orphan Black (No. 6), Broadchurch (No. 7), House of Cards (No. 8), Game of Thrones (No. 9), and Parks and Recreation (No. 10). The Most Improved show was The Mindy Project, and the rest that we’re missing (The Fall, Orange is The New Black, Luther) were also just really, really good. Gah! Picking favorites is the worst, especially in as gangbuster a TV year as 2013. But if you're still not satisfied, try out one of the other lists and see if they align more with your tastes.

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