2. The Good Wife
Now in its fifth season, The Good Wife has introduced us to an entirely new brand of drama. In the past, the firm of Lockhart & Gardner has gone through its ups and downs. Clients and allegiances have been won and lost, employees have come and gone, but at its core, the firm has mostly seemed like a stable unit. In Season 5, that feeling of allegiance has been utterly lost. In its place is bickering, infighting, and the perfect plot device to introduce us to new characters.

If you haven’t been watching this season of The Good Wife, I’ll just go ahead and let you know you must not have your television tuned to the right channel on Sunday nights. What you’ve missed is pretty simple, but impactful. Alicia, Cary, and a few of the other employees have left the firm, branching off on their own and leaving Lockkhart & Gardner nothing short of seething. The act and the subsequent response felt personal for both Will and Alicia, and their scenes have been electric this season—for the first time not in a romantic sense. The emotional grasp the writers have on the characters is a compelling reason to watch, but so are the verbal barbs the characters continue to throw at one another week in and week out. In short, in Season 5, The Good Wife has been polished and perfect, just as we’d expect fourth-year associates to be.

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