4. Spartacus: War of the Damned
The blood! The carnage! The closure! Spartacus: War of the Damned offered up plenty of all of it as it closed out the story of a group of rebel slaves standing up to the behemoth that was the Roman army, fighting for freedom for themselves and the generations to come, becoming legends in the process. After the bloodbath that was Spartacus: Vengeance, War of the Damned faced the challenge of re-investing us in a story that was no longer focused on personal vengeance for one man and his growing army of freed slaves, but emphasized the bigger picture, which was freedom and victory against the Romans.

History spoiled us on the outcome, as we all knew it wouldn’t end well for the title character, therefore, much of Spartacus’s suspense and entertainment value — as is the case for any series, really — rested in the telling of the story. And Spartacus did that well throughout the duration of its run. This year, War of the Damned delivered a thrilling final chapter, returning us to this underdog tale with its final installment, mounting the suspense toward an exciting, emotionally moving and incredibly satisfying conclusion. There’s truly nothing quite like this show out there and TV won’t be the same without it.

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