2. The Fall
Last year if you would have told me a U.K. crime drama was going to be in my Top 5 series of 2013, I wouldn’t have believed you, but here I am, putting The Fall as my second favorite series of 2013. Murder dramas are hit or miss for me, and honestly, they’re mostly miss, as I’m more compelled by character drama than I am by violence and a whodunnit mystery, in general. But The Fall manages to find the sweet spot between those elements, skipping the whodunnit aspect entirely, as the series divides itself between Jamie Dornan’s character stalking and murdering women in Belfast, and Gillian Anderson’s detective character working hard to figure out who’s responsible for these murders. Little by little, we get to know both characters as we wait to see which will manage to catch their prey first. So far, Dornan’s Paul Spector is in the lead, much to the misfortune of some young, beautiful women in Northern Ireland. But it may only be a matter of time before Anderson's Stella Gibson catches up to him, and when it does, I have a feeling it'll be amazing.

It usually takes me a handful of episodes to get hooked on a series, but The Fall had me by the end of the first episode, which is probably a good thing, as the first season only consists of five episodes. It’s truly riveting TV and one of the most unexpected TV favorites for me this year.

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