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#6) Micah Fields (24): I appreciated Micah’s decision to make the cheese curds three different ways. He was clearly comfortable with the ingredient and was trying to win. I like that he’s not interested in playing it safe, but still, it’s hard to reward him too much when the decision wasn’t even the clear favorite among the failures.

#6) Danyele McPerson (24): Danyele and Lizzie need to never be partners again. They kind of got roped into a corner by choosing an ingredient that begged to be made into a dessert, but given how horribly everyone else did, if they had even just made a mediocre dessert they would have won. It’s time for Danyele to step up and give us at least a clue she’s capable of winning.

#8) Brooke Williamson (22): I’ve been a Brooke fan ever since she churned out those biscuits the judges were all over. She and Stefan probably should have been the episode’s strongest twosome, but they wound up being dangerously close to going home. We know she can deliver top-notch food. What we need from Brooke now is some consistency.

#8) Bart Vandaele (22): Bart’s team-up with Sheldon actually earned him a quickfire win and immunity this week. Since Sheldon bumped up a ton in the ratings, it would only be natural to assume Bart might bump up a ton, too. The thing is, Bart’s been in the middle throughout the competition, but he hasn’t even really been on the good side of the middle. Most of the competitors riding the wave in the middle of the pack have gotten slightly above-average criticism, but other than Bart’s group work with Sheldon, he’s generally gotten slightly below average remarks from the judges. He still needs to step up his game on the solo front.

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