The Dark Horses
#10) Josh Valentine (18): Is anyone else sick of Josh acting like an arrogant prick when he’s been mostly terrible all season? If you’re going to act like a prick, back it up. John has won or almost won nearly every single challenge the entire season. Stefan has a handful of really popular restaurants, and he narrowly lost his original season. Josh, on the other hand, has put out shit more often than he’s put out good food. He needs to shut his mouth and cook.

#11) Eliza Gavin (16): Eliza’s never been on the bottom. However, she’s never made one memorable dish, either. This week, her team-up with Josie was a disaster and, quite frankly, she let Josie boss her around. If she can’t manage to assert herself when it matters most, we don’t expect her to be able to assert herself with her own dishes and stand above the pack. She could certainly stick it out for a few more weeks, however.

#12) Josie Smith-Malave (14): Josie was low for the first two weeks she appeared on the show. Her cooked turkey in the Thanksgiving episode was a disaster, and if she hadn’t earned a quickfire immunity, she would have gone home. She’s not a great chef and, despite this, she just took control this week, not even bothering to listen to Eliza. I’m shocked the team didn’t end up in the bottom three with the salty cardamom bitters dish, but I suppose pulling slightly ahead this week isn’t really that much of a compliment.

Here’s a look at how each of the two ballots shook out:

John Tesar (18)
Stefan Richter (17)
Sheldon Simeon (16)
Lizzie Binder (15)
Kristen Kish (14)
Micah Fields (13)
Brooke Williamson (12)
Danyele McPerson (11)
Bart Vandaele (10)
Josh Valentine (9)
Eliza Gavin (8)
Josie Smith-Malave (7)
John Tesar (18)
Sheldon Simeon (17)
Lizzie Binder (16)
Stefan Richter (15)
Kristen Kish (14)
Danyele McPherson (13)
Bart Vandaele (12)
Micah Fields (11)
Brooke Williamson (10)
Joshua Valentine (9)
Eliza Gavin (8)
Josie Smith-Malave (7)

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