The Contenders
#6) Brian Huskey (28): Brian tore it up in the quickfire for a second consecutive episode, once again taking home the crown and the prized immunity that comes with it. The momentum kind of sort of continued into the elimination challenge with a dish the judges liked and said very positive things about, but since he wasn’t singled out as one of the three best, it’s hard to call it a victory.

#7) Stephanie Cmar (26): Stephanie is suffering from a crisis of confidence. Thanks to a few really good works during the middle of the season, it seemed like she was going to truly step up and enter the competition’s elite. In fact, we argued that very thing last week, but her pork fell a little flat this time around and she pretty much threw herself a pity party during the entire second half of the episode. In the end, the judges spared her, but she’s going to need to do better to stick around.

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