The Dark Horses
#8) Sara Johannes (23): This week, the episode began with Sara lamenting about her status on the series. She’s continually landed in the middle of the pack, which means she doesn’t really get critiques from the judges, and she says she’s tired of it. So, this time around, she picked up her knives and… landed in the middle of the pack. Sara keeps talking a good game, but unless she pulls some wins out of a hat, her time on the series could be ending sooner rather than later.

#8) Nicholas Elmi (23): Nicholas was a champ breaking down the pig prior to the elimination challenge. He clearly knows what he’s doing when it comes to butchery, but unfortunately, his dish wasn’t enough to separate him from the pack after the judges tasted everything. At this point in the competition, everyone should be proud of themselves for what they’ve accomplished, but unless he improves quickly, he’s going to wind up remembering his entire time on Top Chef as a moral victory.

#10) Travis Masar (20): If there is anyone in this competition who has continually made suspect choices, it’s Travis. This week, he opted to create a dish with Ramen noodles and also opted to not make his own pasta because there “wasn’t enough time.” If there has been any one singular idea that has consistently sent chefs home on Top Chef, it’s not creating pasta from scratch. Luckily for Travis, the dish was pretty tasty, but one of these weeks a big misstep like this is going to send him packing.

Nina Compton (19)
Shirley Chung (18)
Carlos Gaytan (17)
Justin Devillier (16)
Carrie Mashaney (15)
Brian Huskey (14)
Stephanie Cmar (13)
Sara Johannes (12)
Nicholas Elmi (11)
Travis Masar (10)
Carlos Gaytan (19)
Nina Compton (18)
Shirley Chung (17)
Carrie Mashaney (16)
Justin Devillier (15)
Brian Huskey (14)
Stephanie Cmar (13)
Nicholas Elmi (12)
Sara Johannes (11)
Travis Masar(10)

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