The Contenders
#6) Stephanie Cmar (27): Stephanie was this week’s big winner, and judging by the look of overwhelmed euphoria on her face when she was announced, it seems like she got the nod just in time. She clearly has a lot of talent. She’s clearly one of the better players. With another week or two like this, she could vault from being the best of the pretty good chefs to a legitimate contender to win the whole shebang.

#7) Brian Huskey (26): Apart from his quickfire win, which was the first time he’s taken home those honors, this week was very Brian-ish. He made a kick ass fried chicken dish and was on the losing team. So, he had to sit in the back and listen to his teammates get reamed while the judges offered him a few nice compliments about how well the food was cooked. It’s happened to him quite a bit before, and if the trend holds, it will certainly happen again.

#8) Sara Johannes (25): As much as I love Sara’s awesome poofy hair, I’m not loving her attitude nearly as much. This week, during the quickfire musical chairs, the dish she started on ended up winning while the dish she ended on didn’t do so well. She didn’t handle it particularly well, complaining to the camera for like the eightieth time. Sara’s proven she can cook at least a couple of times, and I wish her food was defining her appearance on Top Chef rather than what comes out of her mouth.

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