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#6) Justin Devillier (28): You know how Nicholas has been getting better and better by the week? Unfortunately for Justin, he seems to be heading in the opposite direction. He keeps making simple mistakes, this week not using enough sauce, and in a competition this fierce, you just can’t get away with that. He may have escaped this time around, but if it happens again, he probably won’t be so lucky.

#7) Stephanie Cmar (27): Stephanie was excellent this week. Her coffee dish landed her near the top of the quickfire, despite the fact that she had no confidence in it whatsoever, and her elimination challenge dish, mussels, was similarly well-received. Of the three standouts, she seems to have been third, but who cares? Third out of nine amidst some of the best performances of the season is worth a bit of pride.

#8) Brian Huskey (24): Normally the master of the quickfire, Brian was in the bottom of both that and the elimination challenge this week. It’s hard to fault him given the staggering level of competition, especially since he didn’t get the benefit of a grill, but everyone is too good not to perform at a high level. We’re long past the point of excuses.

Nina Compton (19)
Shirley Chung (18)
Carlos Gaytan (17)
Carrie Mashaney (16)
Justin Devillier (15)
Nicholas Elmi (14)
Stephanie Cmar (13)
Brian Huskey (12)
Nina Compton(19)
Shirley Chung(18)
Carlos Gaytan(17)
Carrie Mashaney (16)
Nicholas Elmi (15)
Stephanie Cmar(14)
Justin Devillier (13)
Brian Huskey (12)

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