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#6) Micah Fields (26): Micah made one of the better dumplings in the quickfire, and his roasted Brussels sprouts, cranberries, bacon and shallots were well received too. Dana Cowin thought the dish was a tad too greasy, but other than her, the feedback was very positive. Compared to the other chefs, he might be a little light on experience, but if what we’ve seen thus far is any indication, he’s full of good ideas.

#6) Brooke Williamson (26): It’s been ups and downs for Brooke over the last several few power rankings. The woman was in the bottom three last week and this week her team lost as a whole. However, had Josie not fucked up the turkey and earned Emeril’s team the win, I have little doubt Brooke would have carried through with the win this week. Her biscuits were just that good.

#8) Danyele McPherson (22): Danyele is young and it’s easy to tell some of the other chefs think she’s a little unseasoned. However, despite her lack of high end training, the young redhead really seems to have some pluck as well as some fervor for cooking. It’s helped to land her in the middle so far, and with a little luck (and some fairy dust) she could continue working her way up in the future.

#9) Carla Pellegrino (21): Carla can clearly cook. She proved that with her winning carrot soup this week, but there is so much more to Top Chef than mere execution. A healthy percentage of challenges are of the team variety, and Carla is positively awful at playing nice and getting along. She’s also apparently incapable of using the Internet, which definitely knocked her down a few slots due to the bias against incompetence I have.

#10) Eliza Gavin (19): Eliza hasn’t really separated herself from the pack thus far this season. Her team was declared the winner this week, but her chocolate, white chocolate and mint syrup tart didn’t exactly move the needle in her team’s favor. The judge’s described it as too hard. She needs to do something, either positive or negative, if for no other reason than to give viewers a way to remember her.

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