The Dark Horses
#11) Chrissy Camba (16): Apart from Brooke who crushed with her biscuits, Chrissy probably received the best response from the judges out of everyone on the losing team. Her bread pudding with pecan and white chocolate was enjoyed by everyone who consumed it, and while a dessert won’t propel her to the Top Chef title, it does prove she could be a key asset moving forward, especially during Restaurant Wars.

#11) Kristen Kish (15): I had high hopes for Kristen, who showed a bit of drive when she beat out her bestie for a Top Chef coat. However, she really hasn’t been great in either the quickfires or the final challenges. This week she made vegetables (boring) and added some crème fraiche that the judges commented she really didn’t need. I’m starting to question her ability to be an idea machine and think on her feet.

#12) Tyler Wiard (11): Tyler made some mistakes this week that he didn’t understand until the judges helped him to spell out the problems. He also got a little emotional talking about his problems with alcohol and his current sobriety. Tyler is talented, but dealing with personal problems takes your head a bit out of the game, and the guy is one silly mistake away from heading home.

#14) Josie Smith-Malave (10): After her quickfire win, I began to wonder whether Josie had really improved since she was last eliminated on Top Chef. I began to think she maybe belongs in the middle of the pack or higher, and then, of course, the turkey fiasco happened. It’s one thing to screw up and undercook something. It’s quite another to undercook something and think the mistake was overcooking it.

#14) Bart Vandaele (9): Bart has not made one good dish since he ended up on Top Chef, including his “meh” dish on the early round of the hit competition show. The judges often find themselves questioning why he added certain items to a dish, and he just seems less skilled than some of the other contestants. Maybe that’s how Belgian food is, though: heavy and burdened with unnecessary items.

#16) Joshua Valentine (6): Joshua was on the winning team this week, but had his partners not pulled out the win, he would have been in front of the judges facing elimination. Tom took him to task for his basic technique in cooking the ravioli, and since he hasn’t set himself apart with any dishes he’s made this season, he’s occupying the bottom slot. And rightfully so.

Here’s a look at how each of the two ballots shook out:

John Tesar (18)
CJ Jacobsen (17)
Stefan Richter (16)
Sheldon Simeon (15)
Danyele McPherson (14)
Micah Fields (13)
Brooke Williamson (12)
Lizzie Binder (11)
Carla Pellegrino (10)
Eliza Gavin (9)
Kristen Kish (8)
Chrissy Camba (7)
Josie Smith-Malave (6)
Tyler Wiard (5)
Bart Vandaele (4)
Joshua Valentine (3)
John Tesar (18)
Stefan Richter (17)
Lizzie Binder (16)
CJ Jacobsen (15)
Brooke Williamson (14)
Micah Fields (13)
Sheldon Simeon (12)
Carla Pellegrino (11)
Eliza Gavin (10)
Chrissy Camba (9)
Danyele McPherson (8)
Kristen Kish (7)
Tyler Wiard (6)
Bart Vandaele (5)
Josie Smith-Malave (4)
Joshua Valentine (3)

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