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#6) Stephanie Cmar (27): Poor Stephanie. The judges had some nice things to say about her dessert at the time, but because they were so mad at her team for collectively sucking, they read her the riot act too. Was her macaroon something to write home about? No. But it was clearly night and day better than what everyone else on her team created.

#6) Sara Johannes (27): What an awful week for Sara. She’s lucky she didn’t go home. Not only did she overcook her rice, she acted like an overbearing and bossy nightmare at the grocery store, ordering her team to get certain ingredients and put others back. Not surprisingly, this led to the entire team forgetting lemon grass and her crying in front of the judges. That’s your free pass, girl. Now get your shit together and cook like you mean it.

#8) Carlos Gaytan (24): What the hell is going on with Carlos? This guy needs to make a big sign and put it by his bed that says, “I have a Michelin Star.” He should never have any confidence issues, but yet, on way too many challenges he’s been nervous and wishy-washy. Be bold. Be aggressive. Be a hell of a lot better than you’ve been, dude.

#9) Michael Sichel (22): Michael took the line cook/ prep ninja task for this week’s challenge, and his team wound up in the middle. Since not a single person complained about his contributions or how quickly he got things sliced, diced and ready to rock, however, it’s hard to blame him for anything that happened. Still, he’s going to need to step into his own at some point.

#10) Nicholas Elmi (20): Another underwhelming week for Nicholas. It seems like on almost every single challenge he’s slightly below average. He clearly knows how to cook. No one is slandering his technique. He just needs to find a good idea for one of these challenges and execute.

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