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Bravo’s always telling us to “Watch What Happens.” And then each week on Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi tells the outgoing cheftestant to “pack up your knives and go.” Up until now we couldn’t actually watch what happens after that. Nor was I really interested. But Bravo wants to give fans even more access to the sequester house. They’re not going Big Brother 24 hour insane coverage, but starting this week we’ll get a look into the house where the chef’s rest their heads. It’s also where Fabio and Stefan play a sporting game of Parcheesi over a bottle of wine and lots of smiles.

Magical Elves will produce After the Knife, a webseries dedicated to showcasing more of the sequester house and catching up with former contestants as they let us know what it’s like after leaving the show. I’m going to assume that most of them are still chefs, things are going well, and they hope their best friend on the show wins.

"Our viewers always want more content from our series, on-air, online and on the go, and expressed great interest in knowing what happens to the chefs after they get eliminated – so we thought we'd take them on a little journey to show what happens after the knife," said Lisa Hsia, Senior Vice President, New Media and Digital Strategy, Bravo Media in a statement.

I’m a huge advocate of watching television over the internet. I stream Netflix on my 360, I watch everything my Tivo doesn’t catch on Hulu. But I never really get into webisodes. The closest I came to becoming interested in constantly watching a webisode was for Battlestar Galactica.

After the Knife premieres on Wednesday, November 26 at 11pm EST on BravoTV.com.