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When Torchwood returns for its fourth season later this year, it may take place partially in the United States. This in response to the series growing popularity in the states, perhaps even greater than its success in its native UK. Sci Fi Pulse reports the BBC is considering an international flavor for the next adventures of Captain Jack Harkness and company.

Now this is originally sourcing from a message board so it could all be cleverly disguised fanboy hopes and dreams, but it's still fun to play along, isn't it. This source says, "One of the suggested ideas is a twisty turny time travel tale which will include the appearance of a few sci-fi luminaries including Nathan Fillion as another Time Agent, Brent Spiner as ‘a senator’ and the return of James Marsters as Captain John [Hart]."

It would be fun to get back into Jack's history being from the future, and Marsters was a lot of fun as Captain John. It's a pretty specific "wish list," so there may actually be something to it. Of course, even if it is real, there's no guarantee that's the direction the BBC will ultimately decide on. With all those American choices, it adds a little weight to the international theory, if any of this even holds water.

I'd like to see Jack run into the new Doctor at some point. Of course, Gwen should be back, and maybe it's time to bring Rhys on board as a full agent. He's clever enough, and resourceful. What do you want to see happen in the new season of Torchwood?

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