Marc Cherry finally got his man. He's reportedly been working to find a part for Torchwood's John Barrowman for quite awhile now, and come April 2010, Captain Jack will be on Wisteria Lane. His Desperate Housewives story will tie closely with the developing drama surrounding Drea de Matteao's Angie.

We know the Bolen's have been on the run, so maybe Barrowman will play someone who's been after them, or looking for them, or perhaps is just a distraction, and an incentive to stop running. His appearance could also do a good job of profiling the American-born Barrowman in a high-profile American show to see if he can make as big a splash here with general audiences as he has in Great Britain as part of the expanded Doctor Who family.

It would be fantastic if he showed up sporting Captain Jack Harkness' trademark trenchcoat, just as a nod, but it's pretty unlikely. If he does go over well, though, that could bode well for the proposed Torchwood US-revamp, that might feature Barrowman in the Harkness role working from a US-base on more global issues.

Working on a US Torchwood would also keep him more readily available to drop by Wisteria Lane on a more regular basis, if such a thing will be possible for his character. He's currently only contracted for five episodes, by Zap2It's report, but we all know how quickly that can grow into more when the fans fall in love. And the handsome Barrowman should be a hit with the portion of the audience that appreciates good-looking men. Plus, that's pretty late in the season, so his character may still be active into whatever cliffhanger finale they're working on.

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