Anyone who watches 30 Rock knows that Tracy Morgan is almost as multi-talented as his fictional alter-ego Tracy Jordan. Little did we suspect, however, that Morgan has also been hiding yet another identity: that of rapper Scoopy Giles. Thankfully, VH1 is here to set the record straight with a look at this forgotten pillar of hip-hop history.

Giles’ accomplishments are many, from co-founding Def Jam records to naming L.L. Cool J. Perhaps most impressive, however, is out-Mix-a-Lotting Sir Mix-a-Lot with his groundbreaking video for “Dumplin’ Butts,” reproduced below for your viewing pleasure. You can also check out Scoopy Giles’ appearance on Nancy Grace’s program, where he sets the record straight about his many overlooked achievements.

I think it’s a tragedy that Scoopy Giles’ contributions to hip-hop have been overlooked for this long, and I’d like to thank VH1 for serving as history’s conscience in this matter. Shame on us all for forgetting about Snoopy Giles. Scoopy. Scoopy Giles.

On a wholly unrelated note, Tracy Morgan will be hosting VH1’s Hip Hop Honors on Tuesday, October 13th at 9/8c.

Snoopy Giles Talks With Nancy Grace

Snoopy Giles’ “Dumplin’ Butts” Video

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