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Grab your favorite log, people, because the cult series Twin Peaks is going back into production! Sadly, it’s only going to be in production for presumably a day, and no more than a promo shall be made. But while it isn’t the oft-spoken of return to television that we’ve all been frothing at the mouth about, we like to look for the silver lining in the Red Room, so we’ll take anything that we can get.

No details are confirmed just yet, but it’s rumored to be included in the special features for the upcoming Blu-ray set, which itself is rumored to be the most extensive home release Twin Peaks has ever seen, coming with the full series run, Fire Walk with Me, and quite a bit of deleted footage and other special features. With all that, it only makes sense that fans should receive some new footage, regardless of how minimal it might be. But then, very little makes sense in that town.

David Lynch will direct the promo next Tuesday, and Bleeding Cool managed to track down a casting call, which is a tad too particular in splitting up the talent pool.
Hot Caucasian Girl – Brunette or Redheads Only. To play waitress, 18-27. Must have an amazing body, busty, very period face.

Am I the only one who was really hoping “Must be Willing to Go ‘All the Way’ with Sherilyn Fenn” would appear at the bottom of that list? Seriously though, was this written by all of the heterosexual men in Southern California? But we all know what waitresses serve, and I’m definitely willing to put up with some sexist language to see Dale Cooper get himself a damn fine cup of coffee.

It’s a shame that more casting news didn’t come out of this, as there are a whole host of characters that could be featured. It’s not as if this is going to add very much to the show’s canon, so I hope they have a bit of fun with it. It’s a shame Bob can’t come back to join the fun. Maybe it’s good for my nightmares.

While we wait to see what this new promo will offer fans, check out the slamming Twin Peaks-inspired animation below from the highly talented Martin Woutisseth, which serves as solid proof that a comic and motion comic based on the series would be a fantastic way to continue the series’ lore.

And to see one of the last things that Lynch himself directed, here’s the epilepsy-inducing Nine Inch Nails video for “Come Back Haunted.”

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