Ugly Betty’s cancellation certainly doesn’t mean a trip to the unemployment line for Becki Newton. The actress, who’s played Amanda on ABC’s Betty since the series began, has accepted a new role on an NBC comedy.

It should come as no surprise to any Ugly Betty fan that Newton received numerous offers for roles following the cancellation of the ABC series. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Newton received a grand total of eleven offers and she’s decided to accept the role for NBC’s dramedy Love Bites.. Newton is set to play the role of Annie in the series. The charater is described as “an optimistic, infectiously bubbly social worker who is a virgin.”

It sounds like she's almost a complete opposite to Newton’s role as Amanda on Betty. Sure, Amanda’s often upbeat but her energy is usually fueled by ego boosts and seeing Betty suffer. She’s also far from virginal. That said, I don’t have any doubts about Newton’s ability to handle this new role. She’s proven to have a knack for great comedic timing. It’ll be great to see what she does with the part.

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