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If you are old and mature enough to be fed up with Flavor of Love, Rock of Love and the never ending spinoffs that clog Vh1, you are probably also old enough to remember the good, stuffy old days of Pop Up Video and Behind the Music. Remember when Vh1 was the old person's MTV, not its sluttier younger cousin? Now you may not be alone in actually having respect for the network.

The channel has announced major plans to launch 44 new series, each either about music, celebrity or "real life stories," according to THR. Unlike their MTV brethren, Vh1 actually seems interested in going back to the music part of its mission. Among the new shows will be reboots of Storytellers, in which musicians reveal the inspiration behind their songs, and good old Behind the Music, which will kick off with an episode about Christina Aguilera.

Don't your hopes up too high, though-- another new show is You're Cut Off!, in which spoiled party girls are sent to money rehab, and Money Hungry, in which fat people are encouraged to lose weight not because they'll make money, but because it will be taken away from them. Didn't we learn at some point that negative reinforcement like that doesn't really work?

New programming on Vh1 was pretty necessary at this point-- after one of the contestants on Megan Wants a Millionaire murdered his wife then killed himself while the show was still on the air, an image readjustment was very much in need. But is going back to demure and a little boring going to get them the same ratings as Rock of Love Bus? Don't be surprised if this experiment doesn't pan out and their next big franchise somehow revolves around Bombshell McGee.

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