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“Aside from the eventual, mysterious and unspecified return of the Governor, for me something I’m really excited about for Season 4 is Tyreese stepping up as a character and taking a more central role," says Kirkman, echoing the thoughts of comic book readers everywhere. (And fans of The Wire since the popular character is played by Chad Coleman.) Kirkman explains that “we didn’t get a lot of time with him in Season 3 just because of everything that was going on but now in Season 4 we’re really able to bring him to the forefront and integrate him into the core cast in a big way."

When asked what we might see from Tyreese, Kirkman shared the very nondescript "we’re doing a lot with him" he said, before adding that “Coleman has proven that he has very broad shoulders that can carry the weight of what we’re asking him to do and I’m really excited for people to see what we do… I think it’s going to be really awesome." The comic book creator isn’t the only one who thinks so with Coleman using very similar words to describe his time as the The Walking Dead character so far saying, "it was an awesome experience. A total homage to the comic so that was amazing. Our amazing fans are going to really appreciate that."

The actor seems genuinely excited to be a part of the craziness, beaming that when the aforementioned fans see him this season, “they’re just gonna say, ‘yeah, that’s Tyreese’ and I’m looking forward to that. That’s going to be wonderful." Going only on what I saw in the trailer, where he is front and center, he’s got every right to be that confident. Coleman discusses how he thinks watching people “wrestling with something" is what makes compelling drama and wants audiences “to witness this man wrestle with the rules of engagement around him, how he fits it, where he fits in in that world" He adds that Tyreese “seems to have a profound belief in non-violent conflict resolution but how does that really fit in a claustrophobic world? I believe you’ll see him tested. And no one goes unscathed."

Does that mean Sasha’s time is numbered? No one asked but everyone must be thinking it. The promo certainly makes it look that way. Andrew Lincoln (Rick) was quick to answer on Coleman’s behalf, trying to tiptoe around the information by ‘asking’ "are we allowed to say episodes? Are we allowed to talk about like, if I said Episode 3 is my favorite? He did some of the most magnificent work… Am I? I’ve said it." Before the producers could get Lincoln in too much trouble for the slip (don’t worry, there were several more times when the cast worried about what was and wasn’t fair game), Coleman chimed in to reiterate that "no one goes unscathed. So we’ll see. They’ve been committed to giving Tyreese a voice and a place that we really haven’t seen so far."

Lincoln also seems pretty excited about the new addition, talking about all the positive energy when the two get to work together and, putting foot in mouth again, how it still early. “We’ve had some great scenes to play this seasons so far and we’re not far. What are we, six… I’m not allowed to say that am I? We’re sixteen in. That’s what I said." As Lincoln looks over at executive producer Gale Anne Hurd sheepishly and apologetic, Coleman tries his best to cover, saying "that’s what it feels like."

After some nervous laughter, Hurd is quick to steer the conversation back to Rick and Tyreese and how the "two alpha males" will get along this season. Lincoln, not wanting to leave Daryl out of the equation says, "Three alpha males" before explaining how “two is easier to manage. You see that with kids, don’t you? When they’re three in a group it gets complicated and I think that’s an interesting triangle as well, these three alphas males in this closed community." And, of course, there’s always those pesky walkers, other survivors and, in a sly nod to his inability to answer, well, anything, Lincoln closes with “the added pressures that we’re not allowed to talk about, it’s a very combustible mix."

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