In the end, it was Andrea who addressed the people and attempted to rally their spirits. It seemed to work, but I have a hard time imagining Andrea holding onto a leadership role for very long. Granted, she could rise up and surprise us in that regard, but most of what we've seen from her thus far suggests she prefers to do her own thing. How would she handle it if people start coming to her for everything?

Both groups appear to be in bad shape. People are wounded. People are dead. And worst of all, their leaders aren't in the best shape mentally. That can lead to bad things as major decisions are made going forward.

We'll close this out by addressing the state of some of Rick's people. First, there's Carol and her reaction to Daryl's departure. We've seen her and Daryl growing close since Season 2. It was clear from her expression when Rick told her Daryl left that she was devastated by his departure. She took it personally, and why shouldn't she? Daryl didn't just leave the group. He left her. Maybe they weren't romantic, but they were close, so his sudden exit likely hit her hard. But it was interesting to hear her talk about the nature of abusive relationships and how easy it is to fall back on old habits. If her husband showed up alive and told her to come with him, she'd like to believe she'd be strong enough to refuse, but when it comes down to it, she doesn't really know. Is Daryl and Merle's relationship an abusive one? I'm not sure we got to know them well enough as a "couple" to know for sure, but we do know Merle well enough from his past behavior to know he's a hot-head who will put a bullet in the brain of anyone who gets in his way, no questions asked. Daryl can do better. Hopefully he'll realize that and return to the prison and to Carol.

And then there's Glen and Maggie, both of whom have been through the wringer and are probably in worse shape mentally than they are physically. What's worse, neither of them wants to talk about it with others or with each other, which could drive a major wedge between them. Earlier in the episode, we saw Glenn take his rage out on a walker, stomping the thing's head in and still seeming angry when it was over. Anger seemed to turn to shame or maybe disappointment later on, when he was back at the prison and talking to Hershel.

I think Glenn takes his responsibility for Maggie very seriously, and the admiration and approval of her father means a lot to him. So when Hershel was telling him he was glad they were both ok, Glenn seemed to deflate. Of course, what the Governor did to Maggie wasn't Glenn's fault and there was nothing he could have done to prevent it, but I can't imagine he's thinking especially rationally right now. Hearing Hershel's kind and appreciative words probably only made him feel worse. Maggie didn't appear to be in much better shape. She might just want to forget the whole thing and move on, but I'm not sure that can happen if she doesn't sit down with Glenn and work through it. This could get worse before it gets better… if it gets better. I hope it does.

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