SEAN: I do, and I don't. Yes, in theory, the show should boil down to Walt and Jesse. But that bridge burned to the ground in "To'hajiilee" and "Ozymandias," and I think that's intentional. Jesse sold Walt out. Gave him up to the Feds. Walt told Jesse about Jane. Not for any elaborate end game. Simply to destroy him. This is all intentional. These two are done. Done! In "Granite State," Walt never once mentions Jesse to Saul. I don't think he gives a rat fuck what happens to Jesse. And now, if anything, Jesse will blame Walt (indirectly) for Andrea's death, because Walt got them involved with Uncle Jack, with Todd ... hell, with the entire meth business, in general.

I know you love Jesse. I know you love Aaron Paul. But the show, in the big picture, has only been about Walter. Jesse has been a pawn. To be honest, I'm a little confused by BB has kept him around the past two episodes (and I think the writing has stretched a little thin to justify keeping Jesse around). Hopefully they'll have an end game for the character, because he is valuable to the series, but honestly, I think his association with Walt ended weeks ago.

KATEY: Oh, I don't think either Walt or Jesse wants anything to do with each other. But the way the show has kept the two tied to each other is intentional. Everything awful that has happened started when the two of them teamed up together, and they have been brought back together time and again even when they were unwilling-- Walt bringing Jesse to cook with him in the Super Lab so Jesse wouldn't press charges against Hank, Jesse helping Walt kill Gus thanks to the Lily of the Valley trick. Even if they want nothing to do with each other, they will meet again-- because that is how the fates of this show work. It began with them and it will end with them, I'm sure of it.

SEAN: OK, I'll go along with that. It will somehow return to Walt and Jesse. But if that's the case, it solidified my belief that somehow, Jesse will die, and Walt will live. That's the true torture, the fate awaiting Walter White. He has to realize that getting involved in the meth trade cost him his actual son, and his metaphorical son. He'll watch Jesse die, and live with the consequences or the rest of his cancer-stricken life.

KATEY: Ooooh I like that. Super dark. At this point, I'm trying to disconnect myself emotionally and prepare myself for the absolute worst. But then I keep turning on the Breaking Bad marathon on AMC and remembering the early days and it feels so painful again! Oh, this show. I'm going to be a million pounds lighter when it's finally over.

Will Walt die?

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