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In recent years, online video streaming services have skyrocketed in popularity. Shockingly few people nowadays watch television as it actually airs, and the era of binge-watching has dawned. Why sleep when there are six seasons of a sitcom to watch and four films in a franchise to consume and the latest movie just released to stream? To the great fortune of streamers everywhere, premium entertainment network Epix has announced that subscribers will soon be able to download content directly to their mobile devices.

One of the more obscure streaming services, Epix is also one of the most comprehensive. The multiplatform structure of Epix has allowed for the development of premium cable television channels in the vein of HBO and Showtime as well as an extensive library of videos available for streaming on devices. Deals with major network studios have given Epix early rights to some of the most in-demand productions, and partnerships in the past with Netflix and currently with Amazon have allowed the streaming aspect to extend its reach and expand.

The big three of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu have always dominated the market of streaming services, but Epix is revolutionizing the game. Introducing the ability to download movies directly to a device is a tantalizing prospect to subscribers and outsiders alike. One of the most frustrating things – of which there are admittedly many – for many of us about wandering outside of wifi hot spots has been the inability to distract ourselves from all of the real life goings-on with some good old-fashioned fiction. Epix will offer an alternative.

Granted, Amazon Prime earlier this month made a similar announcement that many of the series and films available on the service will be available for download. Epix has the advantage of making phenomenally popular franchises such as The Hunger Games, Star Trek, and James Bond available for download to subscribers as well as airing them on television.

Catching up with Amazon Prime with regard to the downloadable content, Epix is leaps and bounds ahead of the other two of the big three streaming services. Netflix rather rudely dismissed the demand for a similar download option for its library earlier this month, and Hulu seemingly remains content with cornering the market on new episodes of television as they air.

The new move to downloadable content does not launch Epix to the front of the pack for streaming services. Netflix remains king mostly for the sake of convenience and mainstream appeal, Hulu is the site most regularly visited by viewers actually wanting to watch their shows in real time, and Amazon Prime is creeping forward so much so that the annual rather than monthly fee doesn’t feel so daunting anymore. Nevertheless, Epix offers television channels in addition to the streaming service, and the multi-platform structure now featuring downloadable content puts it into a league of its own.

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