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People do the darndest things. During a local news segment highlighting a day of outdoor activities, including a 10K race and a team relay, a young man attempted to jump a fence behind the live camera to show off. Unfortunately, the dude totally misjudged where the fence was and jumped too early, causing an epic wipeout. You can check out the big moment, below.

Seriously, I don’t know what gave this dude such a strong desire to show off. This is just some local news segment featuring a woman explaining the events of the day and this kid thought, “I know how to make this way more interesting by showing off to my friends.” If he had actually landed the jump, I guess this video would never have gone viral. But the fact that he messes up the jump and totally trips over the temporary barrier, knocking it over, makes it far more amusing than landing the jump would have.

On the bright side, this kid might be an idiot, but he’s a conscientious idiot. After knocking over the barrier, he stays in frame on the camera and picks the two parts of the fence back up, returning them to their rightful places. Here’s the good Samaritan replacing the fence after his epic fail of a fall.


There are idiots and weird things that pop up in local news segments all the time. This clownish individual is less exciting than the manhole cover that exploded on the live news just a few weeks ago, but also way less scary than the dudes who mugged news reporters in South Africa a few months ago while they were taping the live news. To be frank, it’s fun to watch people be hoisted by their own petard every once and awhile.

I honestly love when people record news segments like this and put them on the internet. There’s something that is so satisfying about hearing the dude who is watching the fall of his TV chuckle gleefully as the kid bashfully returns the fence to its proper place. Shaming him even further is the event attendant who runs up to help him put the fence back. With all of that going on, it’s a bit surprising that the woman talking in the video never even notices exactly what is going on behind her. Maybe she just has excellent focusing skills.

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