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It’s hard to believe that The Ellen Show has been on the air for 2,000 episodes, but the ratings indicate she will probably continue to be a strong presence for some time. The series has earned a lot of fans over the years, likely because she manages to nab excellent guest stars and share fun segments, including the ones that involve scaring celebrities. Recently, Ellen DeGeneres revealed the show has done 121 scares, and to celebrate, the series put together a montage of the best of the best. Check it out, below.

Mostly the segment is a giant montage of dudes popping out of the box located right by the guest chairs or sneaking up behind celebrities while they are telling stories, but regardless of the repetitive nature of this bit, it never ceases to scare the a-list stars on the stage. There’s one particularly great moment when Selena Gomez is scared twice and another awesome moment when Miley Cyrus says she will never be scared again, only to be immediately scared by a dude dressed up like Robin Thicke. We have to say, The Ellen Show has pretty good comedic timing.


Some of the scares are a little more creative. A man pops out of a cake to frighten David Spade and another dresses like the Mask to creep out Cameron Diaz. When Steve Harvey is scared, he vows to cuss on The Ellen Show, a big no-no among daytime talk hosts. Because Steve Harvey makes no vows he can’t keep, the show has to edit out his cuss word. At one point, Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet gets scared, and then Ellen enlists him to scare his onscreen husband, played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson. It’s a pretty classic moment, as far as daytime TV goes.


We could talk about the best moments in this video all day, but this clip is an A+ and it’ll probably keep you in stitches for a solid 4 minutes, so if you haven’t given it a watch at this point in the article, you should really do so.

DeGeneres has been a great combination of good-spirited fun with a bit of a mean streak. She’s not as over-the-top vicious like Jimmy Kimmel can be and she’s not the pleasant, good times guy that Jimmy Fallon is. She’s developed the perfect balance between the two, and that totally shows in this video. For more great Ellen moments, you can catch her show on weekday mornings. Check your local listings.