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Some people can’t take a hint, and some people give zero fucks. The FOX 28 news team is the former, while 110-year-old Flossie Dickey is the latter. A local news reporter recently interviewed this elderly woman in honor of her latest birthday, and the resulting interview is the stuff dreams are made of, check it out below.

As you can see from the video above, the reporter is trying her hardest to generate even the slightest bit of enthusiasm out of Ms. Dickey, but the elderly woman simply isn’t having it. When asked questions about her upcoming party, all Flossie has to say is that she enjoys taking naps, she tries to rest whenever possible, and she is not the least bit excited for the coming festivities. I feel you, Flossie; I really do.
Hands down the funniest moment of the entire interview comes when the reporter asks Flossie about the key to longevity. After a brief pause – and without looking at anyone – Flossie just tells it how it is: “I don’t fight it, I live it.” Kudos to you, Flossie. That’s some next level Kendrick Lamar style poetry if I’ve ever heard it.
We can’t exactly say that we blame Ms. Dickey for her overall disposition during this newscast. Local news stories can often, for lack of a better description, totally suck. All this woman wants to do is chill out on her birthday and not be bothered by anyone, but it’s clearly a slow news day and she’s the most interesting thing the reporters could find.
We don’t seem to be alone in our pro-Flossie stance either. Many of the comments featured below the YouTube video for this new cast point towards an overall opinion that people understand and sympathize with Flossie’s lack of enthusiasm during this newscast. Some comments of support come off as humorous, such as “Flossie/Sanders 2016,” while others seem to indicate a general disdain for the way the news cast insists on keeping the whole affair when she clearly has no interest in taking part.
If you’ve ever felt like you literally have no patience left, then look no further than Flossie to see how it’s done. Flossie Dickey gives absolutely zero fucks and doesn’t care what you think about it. For those of us who long to be able to give no craps while also not having a filter, Flossie is a true inspiration. 

At 110-years-old, we think you’ve earned it Flossie, now go take one of those naps you love so very, very much.