At last night’s Sci Fi upfronts a lot of info came out about Battlestar Galactica, although none of it was the truth behind Starbuck’s secret destiny or who the final Cylon is. As we already reported the Caprica backdoor pilot is set to air this fall, with a new series to premiere in 2009 if the pilot does well. So you should probably watch that. Also coming out of the event last night is your chance to watch the premiere of season four early. On April 4th at Noon the premiere episode of Battlestar Galactica’s fourth season will stream live on the Sci Fi website.

It’s a part of the Sci Fi channel’s continued and varied initiative to bring content to fans in all ways possible. Along with the streaming premiere we will be getting more webisodes. Something that co-producer David Eick enjoys because it gives some of the great supporting cast a chance to stand out front. After all, “we only have 42 minutes.” So could we get a Racetrack webisode? Because I’m tired of constantly hearing the name called out on the show and then having to pick the character out of the crowd. More Racetrack, please.

Of course all of the blogs will continue, as will the ability to watch episodes on the Sci Fi website after they air. Battlestar Galactica has been consistently at the forefront of keeping in digital contact with fans, and with the final season it looks like nothing will be changing.

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