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The 67th Emmy Awards delivered a lot of wonderful moments, from the musical opening to the touching acceptance speeches of Viola Davis and Uzo Aduba to the love shown to Transparent and Olive Kitteridge. (Still nothing for Tatiana Maslany, but we can deal with that.) But they waited until the end to drop what was arguably the best of them all: the return of Tracy Morgan. Check it out below.

Morgan came out to present the award for Outstanding Drama, but the win (which went to Game of Thrones) was for me overshadowed by seeing Morgan on stage again for the first time since his horrifying traffic accident last year. It was a drama of its own in a way.

Following the well-deserved standing ovation, it at first seemed like Morgan’s comedic spark was absent, as he thanked everyone involved with helping him get better, and for everyone’s prayers and support. After seeing Morgan tell some insanely bizarre and perverse jokes over the course of his career, it was jarring to see him speak so sincerely and straight from the heart, although his Today interview had prepared me for that.

But not even brain damage and an eight-day coma can keep the comedy out of a comedian for good, and Morgan drew two of the biggest laughs of the night. For one, he mentioned how glad he was to wake up from his coma and discover that the accident wasn’t his fault. It was dark, it was unexpected, and it was perfect.

Then the more ribald side of the comic came out, as he said that he finally felt like himself for the first time in a long time, which obviously means that “a whole lotta y’all women are gonna get pregnant at the afterparties.” It’s not a real Tracy Morgan moment unless he talks about getting something pregnant. Speaking of, here’s one of my favorite lines of his from 30 Rock.

Thankfully, this won’t be the only time this year that Morgan will show up on TV to make his fans howl. He’s already locked up to return to Saturday Night Live to host the October 17 episode, which should be as delightful as it sounds. And whenever he’s able to work on a more full-time basis, FXX is presumably still interested in working with him for the comedy series Death Pact, which was in development at the time of his accident.

It was great to see you, Tracy. Don’t go away ever again. And for all of tonight’s Emmy winners, head to our full list here.