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Unlike some TV games, Wheel of Fortune isn’t a game requiring a ton of skill, but players on the show need to have a semblance of common sense whenever they are trying to get letters on the board. There was a huge breakdown during Tuesday’s game, as generally competent contestant Nura guessed some wacky letters and passed twice during the final speed round. You can check out the wild performance, below.

Early on in the round, things seemed to be going alright. The category was “What Are You Doing?” and there were two t’s on the board when Nura got a turn. With 17 more letters to fill out, there were a lot of possibilities, but Nura threw out a doozy, guessing the letter “z.” When she guessed the odd letter, she even managed to confuse Pat Sajak, who has been hosting this game for years and should theoretically be unable to shock at this point. But it got weirder. The next time she was given a turn, Nura passed. And then the time after, she guessed the letter “x.”

It’s not that the letters “x” and “z” have never appeared on the board before, but considering the answer ended up being “following footsteps,” the guesses were wildly out of place. After congratulating the contestant who managed to solve the puzzle during the round, Sajak came to Nura and asked her about the “unusual” letters she chose during the round. Her answer?
That’s what I saw.

Honestly, guessing a “z” isn’t the worst thing we’ve ever seen on Wheel of Fortune. This is a show that just over a month ago produced one of the most nonsensical puzzle solve attempts we’ve ever seen when a woman guessed “start in the right way” as the answer to a puzzle when the word “night” was already on the board. Things could have been worse for Nura—who ended up with a pretty good overall score--although it’s clear her guesses during the final speed round were not her best effort. Plus, while those guesses were pretty wild, at least they weren’t so bad that they exasperated poor Pat Sajak and caused him to lose it onstage.

However, if Nura thought she was going to go down in the annals of Wheel of Fortune history as one of the greatest players ever, she was sorely mistaken. She's not this dude, who managed to get a puzzle after only guessing one letter, and no, it was absolutely not a “z.”

The cool thing about Wheel of Fortune is you really never know what sort of contestants you are going to get. Even better, we’ll still be getting weird, wonderful and intriguing characters on the game show for a while, as the parent company for Wheel of Fortune has already signed on for new episodes through 2018. That’s a long time for contestants to be able to guess weirdo letters to their heart's content.