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Here at CinemaBlend we’ve seen a lot of bad contestants on Wheel of Fortune in the past. However, once in a blue moon an epic contestant will come out of the woodwork to totally dominate the competition. That’s what happened recently when Robert Santoli appeared on the series, solving a slew of puzzles before going on to win the final round. You can catch the compilation of his incredible stint, below.

Wheel of Fortune has kindly put together a video of all of the puzzles Robert solved on the show, and they are numerous. Some of the puzzles many of us may have been able to put together, including “don’t let the cat out of the bag” and “easy breezy.” And then there is this puzzle, which Santoli got with just one letter and the ampersand sign.

port and starboard

The answer, if you can’t figure it out, is “port & starboard.” Did you crush that? If you did, we present you with this stumper, also solved early on in the puzzle:

Oh what a night

The answer to this one is “Oh What A Night,” and now that song will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day…

Eventually, Robert made it to the final round, where he solved the puzzle “goofy pictures” and earned $45,000 for his troubles. However, if you are just assuming this guy has a knack for Wheel of Fortune, his skillset took more work for that. Robert Santoli told Tap Into that he is a game show aficionado. Regardless, once he was signed on for Wheel of Fortune and was given the nautical theme for the episode (and was told Carnival Cruise lines would be the sponsor), he actually made practice guides for himself for the episode. He also says he simply has good “reflexes” when using the buzzer.

All of these things combined helped him to land an easy victory. There were even a few times the other two female players didn’t really get a chance to play during the round. The total the young man ended up taking home $76,086 dollars, that is, before taxes.

Honestly, if everyone happened to be this good at playing Wheel of Fortune, the game show would probably have to give out smaller prizes each week. Luckily, a lot of people are terrible at answering puzzles, which makes the moment all the more special when someone like Robert Santoli does get his chance to shine. You can catch more moments like these when Wheel of Fortune airs on weeknights. Check your local listings.

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