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Wheel of Fortune has been on the air for a very long time. Pat Sajak has been running the series since 1981, giving him a lot of time to see weird and sometimes wonderful things happen on the series. One of those weird things happened during a recent episode of the hit game show when two lucky ladies ended up with a tied score just before the bonus round. You can see the cool way the tie was broken, below.

It’s rare for a tie to happen on Wheel of Fortune, but when it does, it is pretty exciting. This week, a contestant named Danielle solved a puzzle spelling out “Hollandaise sauce,” which gave her an exact win of $24,000. Intriguingly, this was the same score that other contestant LaToya had earned during the episode’s run. When you tie, the show does a “toss-up playoff” which is a quick round to see who can get the answer first.

The show put up the category and a few of the letters that were a part of the term. As time went went by, more letters showed up on the board. Luckily, for LaToya, time really didn’t need to go by. She got the answer, “computer programmer,” with just a few of the letters on the board.


As soon as the puzzle was solved, LaToya was the person who got to go to the bonus round, although I will point out it was still pretty clutch for Danielle to solve that other puzzle near the end of the episode, securing the tie in the first place.

There are a lot of players who just don’t perform well when placed under a spotlight with a camera trained on them. However, it’s usually pretty awesome when there is a competitive streak between two contestants and they both work really hard to make it to the bonus round. I’d take a tie over some silly human stating Venice is in Paris or guessing terrible letters any day.

Wheel of Fortune is a syndicated program, which means you’ll need to check your local listings if you want to DVR the show immediately. (Really, it’s the perfect thing to watch just before bed.) In addition, a lot of the major networks are putting out new game shows this summer, including 500 Questions and The Price is Right primetime specials. If you’d like to see when you can tune in for those, check out our summer TV premiere schedule.

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