Since it looks like we’ll have to wait until 2009 (ehhh!) for the premiere of the new Joss Whedon series, Dollhouse, those of us who are greatly anticipating the series will have to make do with whatever scrap of information we can get about the series. This week, Entertainment Weekly came through with a picture and some tidbits about the show that they got from Whedon, himself.

I didn’t come across the article until I was reading the latest issue (the one featuring the Sex and the City ladies on the cover) and when I checked EW’s website, sure enough, they posted it on Thursday. Along with a picture of Dushku in character looking all badass, EW also had some quotes from Whedon:

“Whedon says that, like Buffy and Firefly, Dollhouse aspires to be both deep (how does society shape, influence, “program” the individual: discuss!) and fun. A typical episode will see Dushku cycle through three to four personas, making for a wild mix of moods and genres.”

The article also addresses the concerns that many fans have over Fox being the home of Whedon’s new series, considering how the network was with Firefly, saying, “Hardcore Whedonites will recall how their hero clashed with Fox over Firefly, which the network canceled after just 11 episodes. But Whedon says a network regime has helped him forgive, if not forget. ‘Everyone knows that my last experience here was devastating, and remains so. But the support for Dollhouse has been nothing short of amazing.’” So I guess that means Fox will hopefully take better care of Dollhouse than they did with Firefly. Like maybe airing the episodes in the correct order? Whedon goes on to say, “The show is morally dark and strange, so it’s fun for me and it gives Eliza the chance to do the thing I’ve always wanted to see her do – which is everything.’”

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