Reede Smith
Reede Smith is a bad guy. The question is just whether or not he’s the bad guy. We know he’s afraid of heights. We know he shot Bob Kirkland in cold blood. We know he’s a member of the Tyger, Tyger conspiracy and that he’s no fan of Jane. He certainly has the law enforcement background, the lack of conscience and the connections to be Red John, but the specifics of him actually being the serial killer don’t completely add up.

He was extremely young when the first murders took place. We know Red John is fascinated by Jane; yet, Smith seems to be very antagonistic toward him. He also just comes off more as an enforcer or a second in command rather than a man who makes all of the decisions. Yes, his persona could all be an elaborate front, but I would like to think we’ve gotten at least shades of his personality thus far. If so, he’s far from the most likely candidate.

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