Thomas McAllister
We know McAllister is a member of the shady police organization thanks to his tattoo. We know he’s more than old enough to have committed the Visualize Barn Murders, and unlike some of the other suspects, he seems to be amused by and enjoys the company of Jane. We know Red John is fascinated by Patrick and would probably behave the same way. Beyond that, McAllister appeared in the second episode of the series, which means he could have been planned as the killer all along, and unlike many of the others on this list, the writers haven’t really worked very hard to sell him as Red John, meaning he would be a big surprise.

It’s a fine line between a big surprise and a giant slice of randomness, and there is great worry that McAllister could potentially be too strange of a pick. For years, he was just the random Sheriff of Napa County. It feels like, if he were actually Red John, he would have popped in a little bit more. Besides, I highly doubt the fans would be okay with McAllister being the big bad. Heller may as well just have drawn someone out of a hat.

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