Even though the MacGruber movie wasn't exactly the ideal stepping stone toward movie stardom, Will Forte has decided he's had enough of his small-screen career. The New York Times reports that Will Forte won't be coming back for the new season of Saturday Night Live, which would have been his eighth. Their source told them "the parting was amicable and at the choosing of Mr. Forte, who plans to pursue other projects."

Forte was one of the bigger remaining talents on the show, but in the tradition of pretty much every talented SNL performer before him, he probably rightly realized it was time to move on. Relive the glory days below with one of the earliest MacGruber sketches (there's also a great sketch with Peyton Manning viewable here), and join me in hoping his career is more in the Will Ferrell and Mike Myers vein than, well, most other SNL cast members you've forgotten about.

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