We learned this weekend that, in anticipation of the return of Community with new episodes (March 15), the series would be airing a brief animated webseries. The first installment is online! Check it out ahead to see what the Greendale Community gang is up to in animated form...

The video below introduces us to cartoon versions of the Community characters, as we see them adjusting to a drastic change. Of course, their animated makeover is less important to them than the fact that the decor has changed due to budgetary issues.

While Jeff’s more concerned about the table situation, Troy didn’t waste any time getting himself caught in an animated-related conundrum. Meanwhile, Abed’s been depudeaned! No good can come of this. Or a lot of good can come of this. I’m not entirely sure which, but I can’t wait to find out.

Laughs for Britta’s dated email and the key-glimmer in Abed’s eyes when the power was handed to him.

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