Spoiler alert if you aren’t caught up on Almost Human through last night’s episode (“Simon Says”)!

“Oh my God, they blew up Gaeta!” said every Battlestar Galactica fan who watched last night’s episode of Almost Human and witnessed the unsettling sight of guest star Alessandro Juliani bursting into a dome-contained puff of flames and person. Worse than getting sucked into space? Probably. RIP Gaeta Ramon. Being the first featured victim of a serial killer in a stand-alone episode sort of seals a character’s fate, doesn’t it? Let’s talk about the preview of “You Are Here,” which appears to address a topic that was actually sort of addressed pretty prominently in last night’s episode.

Dorian spent the bulk of “Simon Says” acting whacked out and emotionally unstable due to being under-charged. Apparently the other models get priority over the DRNs when it comes to battery charging. Based on the preview for “You Are Here,” it looks like Kennex isn’t going to stand by and watch his partner get mistreated. Or he “shot the MX because it wouldn’t shut up.” That’s entirely possible. And it’s also possible that the MX slighting Dorian is a slight to Kennex by proxy and Kennex’s reaction was ego-driven. But I think we all want to believe what Dorian believes, and that’s that Kennex likes Dorian. I really think he does. Or he’s warming up to him, and that’s just fine.

Here’s what I’m wondering, and maybe it’s been addressed already and it's escaping my memory. What happens of this Dorian is destroyed. Is there some kind of back-up for him? Or is he one-of-a-kind, oft imitated, never duplicated? If that’s the case, I’d like to see what might happen if Kennex were at risk of losing Dorian somehow, whether it be because they were unassigned to one another or because Dorian’s existence was put in jeopardy, either while on duty or by the department or government. I feel like this story might be building up to that, as Kennex and Dorian slowly bond. In fact, I predict at some point that Kennex will be forced to demonstrate his appreciation for his partner, and it’ll be more than just by shooting an overly chatty MX in the face.

We’ll have to wait and see how Dorian and Kennex’s relationship is addressed next Monday night. In the meantime, here’s a look behind the scenes of “Simon Says,” which shows how they shot the trailer scene:

Almost Human airs Monday at 8:00 p.m. ET on Fox.

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