It’s been a few years since Amanda Peet’s had a starring role on a TV series, however it seems as though her next one may be just around the corner as she’s set to star in an NBC comedy pilot.

According to Deadline, NBC had Peet in mind for two different pilots. One was a drama, however Peet has opted to do the half-hour, single-camera comedy pilot called Bent instead. She’ll be playing the role of a “Type A” single mom who hires a “sexy surfer-dude contractor” and tries not to fall for him. When I think of “surfer dude,” I picture Fast Times’ Spicoli or the Ninja Turtles, which I know dates me but I think the phrase “surfer dude” (or any kind of “dude” outside of the exclamation) dates itself a bit.

Back to the more relevant portion of this bit of news, Peet’s no stranger to TV comedies. She starred in Jack & Jill and more recently, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip in between the many films she’s done. I’ll be curious to see where NBC puts this show on the schedule if it ends up getting picked up.

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