"You girls need to learn to fight," Jessica Lange says in the new trailer for American Horror Story: Coven. "When witches don't fight, we burn." Finally, following teaser after creepy teaser we get some actual footage from the new season and it's exciting stuff! Previously announced spoilers included word that Lange plays the mother of Sarah Paulson's character Cordelia, who runs a small school for witches in New Orleans. The 30-second "Burn" trailer indicates that Taissa Farmiga's character Zoe has just learned that she's a witch and is headed off to an old school for witches. It looks like her three schoolmates are playing some kind of initiation prank on her, while Jessica Lange's Fiona is all business. Angela Bassett's character is glimpsed laughing, but something tells me nothing's funny about that.

In addition to the above trailer, we got an extended "Initiation" teaser:

Most of this new teaser for American Horror Story: Coven should look pretty familiar to you if you've seen the previously released "Initiation" teaser, which features the stars of the third season of AHS and shows the four young student witches entering the big house. But this extended version introduces a new character to the story, if we can call it a character. It's a hairless cat. Or as Joey Tribbiani would say, "It's not a cat!"

The hairless cat was actually glimpsed in the original teaser, as we see it run past the floating Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates, but we could barely see it in that video. This new, slightly extended teaser gives us an unclose look at the cat, as it lets itself outside when the young students are about to let themselves in. Because all great witches have to have a cat, right? Even a hairless one…

As a Friends fan, it's impossible to look at a hairless cat and not think of the episode where Rachel spent a thousand dollars on a really mean hairless cat that Joey insisted was "not a cat!":

"Why's it inside out?"

Something tells me there will be little humor involved in anything the American Horror Story: Coven cat might get up to, assuming it plays any kind of significant role in the story. It may just be a bit of background creepiness at the witch school, which serves as part of the setting for the story.

American Horror Story: Coven premiers October 9 at 10:00 p.m. on FX.

Here's the new poster, which shows off Jessica Lange as "The Supreme"!


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