American Idol is gearing up for the first week of fan voting. Now, Fox’s hit reality singing competition program has put together a brand new way for fans to vote. Called SuperVote, the brand new platform from AT&T Wireless will allow fans to vote 50 times at once.

The new voting opportunities will be available via, as well as Facebook and the Idol app. Don’t worry, if you are the type of person who enjoys convenience but also prefers to vote for multiple contestants, EW is reporting SuperVote has you covered. Fans will be able to split the 50 votes easily and conveniently, although I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a limit between the number of contestants the votes can be split between.

Idol actually didn’t allow voters to cast a ballot via the Internet until 2011, but now that the ratings are slipping for the series, it’s really no surprise that the network and producers are looking for ways to try something new and innovative with the voting process and get audience members interested. Well, and to pad the vote. Last week’s Wednesday episode only brought in 13 million viewers, which is a far cry from a couple of years ago, much less American Idol’s heyday. Still, as an avid online voter for reality shows, I can’t say that I will complain about having an option to go online and vote 50 times at once with SuperVote, rather than voting like thirty times and having to punch in a kaptcha code every single time. Maybe that’s just me, however. Online voting and the new SuperVote system will be available starting tomorrow night.

This week, Idol airs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night at 8 p.m. EST.

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