We already got enough of a look at this week's episode of Arrow to know that "Blind Spot" is going to play a pretty heavy emphasis on Laurel and her distrust for Sebastian Blood. The new producer's preview for Blind Spot gives us another hint of that and also teases what appears to be the B-story of the episode, which involves Roy and Sin teaming up. And Sin's extreme disinterest in a makeover from Thea.

For reference, here's the previously released extended preview for "Blind Spot."

So we know Laurel's going to be a big part of this episode, and the photos further emphasize some major issues with her. But let's talk about Roy and Sin, because the Producer's preview teases a bit of their story. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says that Roy and Sin are going to be teaming up on a case together. He notes the trio that is Oliver, Diggle and Felicity and then the "Scooby" group — is that a Buffy reference? Or a straight-up Scooby Doo nod? — which consists of Thea, Roy and Sin. It's an interesting division and one that makes me really want to see these two groups merge. Soonish? Please?

Speaking of Roy, it looks like he'll be featured a bit more prominently in next week's episode as well. Here's where things get SPOILERY. We have some teasy photos from next week's "Tremors" to show you. So if you don't want a peek at what's ahead in next week's episode turn back now! Stop reading. Watch Arrow tomorrow night!

To give you a chance to not see the spoiler pics, here's a generic (albeit thrilling and awesome) Arrow trailer.

Ok, now for the spoiler pics. From the looks of these photos, Oliver appears to be doing some kind of — possible — training with Roy? I get the impression he's testing Roy's strength. Because…

Roy and Oliver

Here they are together with this practice dummy punching bag thing. And then…

Roy smashy

There's just dust and part of the practice dummy punching bag thing. Roy gets punchy, bag gets smashy…

Exciting stuff! But we're thinking ahead. We still need to see how things go for Laurel tomorrow night when Arrow's "Blind Spot" airs Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. ET on CW.

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