We have some Being Human updates for you, including the Hulu embed video of the first episode, a clip from Episode 2, and I have some comments on the pilot-to-pilot comparison between the British version of the series and Syfy’s that I thought I’d share.

Since there may be some of you out there who haven’t gotten to check out Syfy’s series premiere of Being Human, we’ve embedded the Hulu video of the full first episode at the bottom of this article. The series, which is based on a British show by the same name, follows three young people struggling with the challenges that come with having supernatural natures. Aidan’s a vampire, Josh is a werewolf and Sally’s a ghost. From what I can tell so far, the series is less to do with what they are as it is their desire to live normal lives and not give in entirely to the darker aspects of their nature. Being Human has a little bit of everything, including drama, comedy, supernatural/scifi elements and a whole lot of potential to be really great. I haven’t been this intrigued by a Syfy series premiere since Battlestar Galactica.

If you have seen the series premiere and you liked it, I think you’re really going to enjoy “There Goes the Neighborhood – Part 2.” I actually liked the second episode better than the first as I thought it took a step back and gave us a better introduction of the characters and what they’re really going through.

In the clip below, Sally is eager to have the opportunity to see her fiancé, while Josh thinks the visit is a terrible idea.

Being Human airs Monday nights at 9/8c on Syfy.

Now, on the subject of the original series. I was initially planning to wait to watch the BBC version of Being Human, but after hearing so many great things about it and absolutely loving the Syfy premiere, I decided to get the first season (series) on Amazon Video on Demand to check it out (I believe it’s also available to purchase on iTunes). I’m still tentative going into the BBC series as I don’t want to spoil myself for Syfy’s version, however I did watch the BBC BH pilot episode and I have to say, I get the hype. It’s really good. In fact, in one major respect, the UK premiere is better than Syfy’s but I think that’s largely to do with where the story starts in the original version, which differs from where things begin for Syfy’s version.

BBC-BH begins with Annie, Mitchell and George already friends and living together. There’s a built-in dynamic between all of them that we’re introduced to in some very sweet ways. Without giving too much away (for those of you who are considering checking out BBC’s Being Human), there are some key moments in the premiere that do a nice job of giving us a sense of who they are, not only on their own, but also as a group. In the Syfy premiere, Aidan and Josh already know each other, but they only just meet Sally when they move into the house. From what I’ve seen so far, their relationship is on a similar path to the one the BBC characters are on, but at an earlier stage in the story.

Since Syfy’s first season will run longer than the BBC’s did, it has time to develop a similar bond between the main characters and I really hope it does. While I don’t expect (or even want) the Syfy version of Being Human to remain completely parallel to the BBC version, I think the bond between the three characters will be the heart of the series, should it come together similarly to how it does in BBC BH’s first episode. I’d love to see that develop more as the first season continues.

Other than that, pilot for pilot, both series premieres were enjoyable. The lead actors are are all great, the humor in both shows differs but works well in cutting the tension (and the angst) nicely, the same applies to the music (different but equally effective in terms of setting the mood). I intend to continue watching both versions of the show, not for the purposes of comparing but because I'm pretty sure I'm hooked on them. I may have to revisit topic in the future once I’ve seen more of both shows.

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