The spa can be rough on people, as evidenced by the video above, which gives us a quick look at what’s ahead for Sally in the upcoming fourth season of Being Human. Syfy released four new promos for Season 4 of the supernatural drama, each of which emphasizes how all four lead characters are haunted by their pasts and the demons within.

Sally being haunted is probably the most literal of the bunch, and her promo gives us a look back of some of her more ghostly moments before jumping to Season 4, where we see her getting all tangled up in some kind of weird vine situation before she slammed against a bloody tiled wall. As for Nora, her problems are a bit harrier. When she isn’t running through the woods — likely trying to chase down her werewolf husband Josh — she’s waking up stark naked in a cage, as werewolves tend to do sometimes…

And then there’s Josh, the mentioned werewolf husband, who was last seen stuck as a werewolf, even after the full moon was gone. Not good…

Finally we have Aidan, who most certainly has the longest and bloodiest past of the group, and whose future may involve the return of someone he thought was long gone...

Aidan also has the fangiest past. The video below counts up the many fangs of Being Human

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the trailer for Season 4 here. And be sure to tune in to Syfy on January 13 at 9/8c for the Being Human premiere. In the meantime, check out some of our photos from our trip to the set here.

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