Bones’ first Season 8 episode tied in a lot of elements and storylines from last season. If you are a fan who missed out on a lot of last season's episodes, you should be able to remedy the issue fairly soon. Season 7 of everyone’s favorite forensic anthropologist show will hit Blu-ray and DVD on October 9 in a set that will be low on episode count, but higher in extras.

Season 7 of Fox’s hit crime show had a lot to live up to. The show’s previous season had honed in on the romance between Booth and Bones, as well as featured a sniper plotline that was probably the most high octane recurring killer in the show’s history, and was arguably one of the most intriguing characters. Season 7 had potential, with the introduction of the computer genius killer, but since Emily Deschanel was gone for a while on pregnancy leave, fans only were privy to 13 episodes last season. This made the story arc of the season fall a little short.

On the bright side, potentially because there are fewer episodes in Bones: The Complete Seventh Season, the DVD set will run more cheaply than normal, with DVD copies only costing $49.98 (and on sale if you pre-order on Amazon, at that). Unfortunately, Blu-ray copies will run you a little higher at $69.99. The latter set will come with all of the usual suspects in terms of bonus features, including a gag reel, a deleted scene, and audio commentary. You can check out the full list of extras, below.

Bones: The Complete Season 7 Blu-ray Extras
  • Deleted Scene from “The Memories in the Shallow Grave”
  • Audio Commentary on “The Past in the Present”
  • Creating “The Suit on the Set”
  • Bone of Contention: On the Red Carpet
  • Deleted Scene from “The Past in the Present”
  • Gag Reel

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