It seems like American politics are more contentious than ever these days. The days of reasoned discourse are as extinct as the dodo, but if you're not going to be depressed by every headline, it seems like the only remedy is simply to be able to laugh at it all. Three people who would probably agree with that theory are actor Josh Gad (Book of Mormon), director Jason Winer (Modern Family), and former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett. Deadline reports that this trio has just sold NBC 1600 Penn, a single-comedy sitcom set in the White House and around a fictional First Family.

The idea for 1600 Penn was sparked after friends Winer and Gad were trying to come up with a show idea to work on together. After they came up with the idea of doing a family comedy that just happened to be about the first family, they approached 20th Century Fox TV in search of a writer for their collaboration. Fox hooked them up with Lovett, a former speechwriter who was looking to start writing half-hour comedies.

NBC is an appropriate home for the show, since the network aired seven seasons of Aaron Sorkin's masterful political drama The West Wing. Whether what worked in a dramatic setting will fly as a comedy remains to be seen, but 1600 Penn at least brings the requisite talent and personal experience to the table. Hopefully, if the show makes it to the air, it will prove to be more Yes Minister and less That's My Bush!

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