At this point, do I even have to say that this Breaking Bad related article contains spoilers? Because yes, there are some if you're not caught up on the series.

There’s no denying that Breaking Bad is one of the main things sapping the public consciousness all at once, both in social media and in actual vocal conversations. (People have those, right?) You guys aren’t tired of it yet, are you? You aren’t…dead…tired, are you? If you’re feeling dead at all, you may want to watch the above video, via CollegeHumor to see if in fact your present condition is the cause of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman creating a particularly bad batch of the blue meth. One that creates zombies!

This is one of the most well-designed mash-up videos that I’ve seen in a while, as it turns Breaking Bad on its head and makes The Walking Dead worth watching. I mean, it’s worth watching now for all of the awesome gore and effects done in the show. But you’ll notice they just replaced all of the dialogue beats with Walt, Jesse and other Breaking Bad characters, because they say things that eventually matter. It helps that zombies were referenced several times for Skinny Pete and Saul Goodman to make some proper appearances.

I would easily watch this show if it was on the air. Breaking Bad is so good to me, I would take a retconned version of it with new footage. They could mix it with Moneyball and I’d be fine with it. A lot is to be said about the editing of this mash-up, which takes two desperate shows and seamlessly combines them into a piece of high art. Or a piece of art to enjoy when you’re high. Maybe both.

And where the above video looks like something awesome, the video below is terrible for more than one reason. Also onCollegeHumor, “I Wish I Wasn’t Jesse’s Girl” is both a spoof of Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl” and a dark reminder of all of the reasons why Jesse Pinkman’s existence is emptier than my gas tank. Which is empty.

Krysten Ritter and Emily Rios, as Jane and Andrea respectively, were far from my favorite characters on this show, but I appreciate their giving up their lives to add over-the-top drama to this show. One of the only problems I’ve had with this show is how it limited its time frame, and watching two of Jesse’s women die in the same year just reminds me of how ridiculously tumultuous two years can be.

Breaking Bad’s finale is Sunday. Watch it. I’m a gigantic football fan and I’d love to see this episode become the one show that can attract more viewers than an NFL game. Watch it. Sunday.

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