With only two episodes remaining, tonight’s Chuck continues to remind viewers of the possible lives for our main characters once the finale airs. In this possible, speculated future, Casey and Verbanski will form an awkwardly romantic spy team after Carmichael Industries calls it quits, reminiscent of what transpires on the mission in this episode. More importantly, Sarah and Chuck will have their happy ending, including house, white picket fence, and babies. Far less exciting, but it is exactly what they deserve.

Chuck has always had a knack for entertaining with his nervous rambling during torture scenes, which is exactly how this episode starts. Unfortunately, instead of seeing what lead to this point, or the extended version of this scene, it is cut short, with only a message of caring continuing on throughout the night of high caffeine levels as Chuck tries to come up with a new mission statement for Carmichael Industries. Chuck might overdo it, but it does play into the story a little more as Chuck continues to overuse the word to express what Casey should be doing with Verbanski. Personally I would have loved to see Casey awkwardly attempt to execute Chuck’s advice, but I think he carries things out well in his own style in terms of handling his growing relationship.

Sugar Momma
A few episodes back when Verbanski killed Decker, I thought Carrie-Anne Moss was taking her exit after her few episode story arc on the show. Turns out it was just a short vacation out of the country, and now that Decker’s true seediness has come to light she is more than welcome back in Burbank. However, the homecoming is short lived as she hires our spy team to help her out on a mission in South Beach.

Not surprising, this mission is actually just an attempt to spoil Casey with pretty things, in what becomes possibly the most difficult relationship of the show for Casey as he recoils from her attempts to act as his sugar momma, which gets pretty weird rather quickly. Don’t worry, if you heard, “Naughty, naughty girl” while Casey and Verbanski were about to get it on, then you misheard as well. Numerous rewinding revealed that she actually said, “naughty, naughty Colonel,” but the opinion still stands that she is one weird lady. Yet, even though Casey is rather uncomfortable based on how he is being treated (probably setting a new record for number of grunts in an episode), it is still laughably adorable that he is willing to do what she asks. The only woman on the show that he seems truly comfortable with when it comes to personal matters is Sarah (he opened up to Sarah about Verbanski when she first showed up, as well as took the time to make sure she wasn’t putting her life on the line if she was pregnant tonight), but he still shows he cares in his own way. With or without that speedo.

Baby Drama
Speaking of Casey being sensitive to the possibility of Sarah being a mother, it is not surprising that we have finally come to this issue for Chuck and Sarah when it comes to what their future holds, especially following an episode revolving around Sarah’s family. With a relationship easy to root for since day one, I would more than love to see Chuck and Sarah get the happily ever after ending they deserve. Heck, I would even settle for the flash-forward, Harry Potter style ending just to see them all alive and well. Unfortunately, it is too late to milk all the potential possibilities that arise with adding pregnancy and awkward parental situations into the mix (though at least we got to see what Sarah is like with babies last week) seeing as there are only two episodes left in the series. They could have made the pee stick positive, but then I wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy the show going out with a bang (assuming it does) because Sarah would be putting the baby in danger! You may be fine with this, but I am still haunted by the images of pregnant women smoking and drinking in 2007’s Hairspray.

Spies Among Us
I don’t know if it is just me, but sometimes it feels like there is just a little too much spy work going on in Chuck when it comes to extraneous characters. Way back when Morgan was involved (or recently uninvolved) with Anna, a spy team was formed to follow her around as she moved on to “bigger and better” fish than our bearded man, and then later Jeff and Lester caught on to Summer Glau’s Gertrude as her cover story was not enough to keep her true identity from almost being discovered. And now, thanks to Jeff’s appropriately functional brain, he is back to noticing that something secretive is going on within the walls of the Buy More.

Which brings us to the more recently worn story element of Season 5. Tonight marks the third episode this season (at least) in which Awesome acts as a spy, whether it is to boost the excitement in his relationship with Ellie, save Chuck, or mess with Jeffster. This subplot doesn't take up to much time from the rest of the show so it can be forgiven to an extent, but I just really hope that following the ending of the episode Jeffster will awaken with no memories of coming across Castle. Awesome’s underground workout room was a ridiculous cover story for a random hole in the ground (since when was there another hatch into the base anyway?), so it wasn’t surprising that Jeff saw through it, but goodness, there are more people in this show now that know about the spies than those that don’t! It’s not special when it’s no longer a secret! Then again, if they remember, they can always get the Harry Tang treatment.

Final thoughts
As much as I don’t want to accept that Chuck is ending soon, I cannot wait to see how they choose to end what has become one of my favorite shows. So what did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think too many people have discovered the spy team? More importantly, how the heck did Jeff know enough to have a card with the word “Intersect” on his spy conspiracy board? Are you a fan of the continuation of the Casey/Verbanski relationship? And don't hotel room doors close automatically to avoid situations like walking in on Casey doing dirty things? Pregnancy test results: yay or nay? Let me know below!

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