The following story is news much in the same way as Reagan defeats Mondale was news. We all knew this was coming, but still, it's a monumental event and therefore worth reporting. Today, the FCC officially approved the NBC/ Comcast merger in a 4-1 vote. First rumored, then announced and now approved, 30 Rock humorously spent much of last season commenting on the takeover by the Philadelphia cable provider; we'll see if that plotline continues now that they're technically owned by the product of their insults.

According to CNET, there are numerous terms and stipulations to the deal, most notably that Comcast must provide content to rival internet services, such as YouTube and Netflix, at reasonable and competitive rates.

Speaking about the deal, Independent Film and Television Alliance President Jean Prewitt said, “The closing of the joint venture triggers the July 12, 2010, agreement between the Independent Film and Television Alliance and Comcast-NBCU, which will provide real opportunities for independent producers on the Comcast and NBC platforms, and increase the public's access to diverse programming. In force for four years, the agreement includes increased development and pitch opportunities, a development fund devoted to independents and greater access to Comcast's new media platforms. We hope that this agreement can be a model that can be implemented across the industry.”

In theory, that means the merger won't turn television into more of an old boy's club. We'll see.

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